Why Blogging Is Good For BusinessOf late, blogging has been put into question; is it still relevant in today’s digital environment?

Well, the answer is yes, blogging is not dead and it’s more important than ever. No matter if you are a small business or a large brand, blogging is an integral part of any marketing strategy.

Blogging is a crucial element as it provides answers to questions that people have, particularly buyers.

What’s changed within blogging?

Over the years, the digital space has become overcrowded with competitors creating content on the same subjects.

When writing a blog for business, quality is key over quantity and no matter where blogging goes; your strategy should always aim to answer the questions of your audience.

What are the benefits of writing a blog?

– Drive traffic to your website
Creating relevant content for your customers drives traffic to your website. By sharing links to the relevant articles on your social media profiles generates more traffic.

In addition, posting inbound links within your blog articles drives traffic to specific landing pages on your website.

– Help with SEO/SERP
Content is still king and fresh content is still a great way to achieve that. Have a keyword strategy and regularly write about your keywords within your content.

– Increase credibility and position your business/brand as an industry leader
Discussing topics relevant to your business demonstrates your knowledge within your industry and helps you to stand out from your competitors.

As well as credibility, you are building trust. The more you can showcase your expertise, the more likely the consumer will trust you to supply/provide you with what they need.


If you need help with writing blogs for your business or help with an effective content writing strategy, give us a shout, we’d love to help you to achieve your business goals.