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Facebook Updates & Tips
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Facebook has reached its teens, oh no! Facebook has been around for 13 years making it one of the oldest, and most popular social media sites. It is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users. Therefore, Facebook has … Read More

Social Media Marketing Tips
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Here are our 3 Top Tips for this month, to help you improve your social media marketing: 1. Use Facebook to target a specific target market On Facebook’s Ad manager it allows you to create an audience based on specific … Read More

Digital marketing tips – post frequently
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So you’ve successfully established an online presence but what next? Social media relies on fresh content and so it’s important to optimise engagement with clientele by posting frequent updates about recent projects or progress on current tasks. A dormant website … Read More

Making your Instagram profile into a business account
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Over the past few days we’ve been taking advantage of Instagram’s new option to be able to make profiles in to business accounts. Doing so can offer many benefits including being able to access data about your followers and their engagement … Read More

Ensuring your social media accounts are secure
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This week were reminded of just how important it is to make sure that your social media accounts are as secure as possible. One of our clients had their Facebook page maliciously hacked. All of the page’s administrators were deleted … Read More

Using LinkedIn as a leverage for your business
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It can sometimes seem difficult to effectively promote and grow your company on LinkedIn. Paid advertising is very hard to do, with the cost-per-click 2-10x higher than other social media platforms while the click-through-rate is much lower.   As a … Read More